Afrik Kontemp Art Gallery.

We are Uganda"s leading art gallery.

AKA Gallery is one of the leading contemporary fine art galleries in East Africa. Established in 1995, its dedicated to the promotion of artists from Uganda and East Africa exhibiting Paintings, Sculptures and Ceramics from leading artists, as well as promoting young upcoming artists. Worth a visit for all established and emerging art collectors we offer the opportunity to experience the artistic vision of contemporary art from Uganda and beyond.

We are located in the heart of Kampala, Uganda. With a rapidly growing economic and social population Kampala is becoming a vibrant visual art center in East and Central Africa. The gallery represents some of the  best known artists from the region.

AKA Art Gallery organizes 8 major exhibitions every year and group shows especially for Young artists.


Ink on paper paintings
the month of September 2014.


Framing workshop

We have a professional framing workshop, specializing in hand made wooden frames, for all framing requirements such as photos , posters, oil paintings , certificates and other items.


Upcoming Artists.

Our doors are always open to new and promising artists from the region. We organize special group shows at least once a year. They can contact the gallery via email and show  us their portfolios

young Artists.